Car insurance renewal online 2021

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Car insurance renewal online is one of the most challenging things these days or you can say that most difficult things in the 2021 era, where 100 of the company claiming that they are the best and they can give you renewal in very less cost, but after proper research and experience we are going to tell you the some of few best car insurance renewals online companies which you can prefer if you planning to do insurance in these days.

But before we going for the best car insurance plan we need to know what is car insurance and how it will work

What is Car Insurance and How it will work?

In simple language, if we try to understand is that Car insurance offers protection against accidents, theft, natural calamities & other unfortunate which can harm your vehicle. and there like human need doctor same as if you have a good Car Insurance policy that will ensure you and your car are protected from the financial losses of these unfortunate events.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, the  law said to be you must have vehicle insurance to drive your car or any type of vehicle in India

That You can purchase on the basis of a third-party insurance policy to manage with this mandate. Or, you could opt for the added protection of our comprehensive car insurance policy and not need to worry and drive peacefully in whole over India

where some offer standalone own damage insurance and that can be gathered with a third party vehicle insurance policy to give all type of cover against the perils of the road.

What coverages I get in Car insurance

If you buy any type of car insurance plan in India these days almost every insurance company provided all the basic types of inclusion in their plan lets discuss that one by one.

Collisions:- Every car insurance plan give you a policy for Damages and losses that may arise out of collisions & accidents that happen in India

Theft:- if your car or vehicle is stolen and if you have an active vehicle insurance plan you can get Coverage against those losses which are incurred when your car is stolen.

Fire: you can also claim insurance for damages and losses caused due to an accidental fire.

Natural Disaster:- Most of the insurance companies provide you with insurance against Damages and losses due to acts of nature such as floods, cyclones, etc.
Personal Accident:- Most important insurance claim in vehicle insurance against Personal accident where you Get compensation up to Rs. 15 lakh in case accident leads to death or disability of the owner.
Third-Party Losses:- Pays for property damages and injuries caused by your car.

What is not covered in car Insurance?

Damage arising due to war and similar conditions:- In the case of a Third-Party or Liability Only Car Policy, damages to own vehicle won’t be covered.
Vehicles Damages which you get when driving under the intake of alcohol

if You were driving a vehicle drunk or without a valid driving licence in such case you can’t get any vehicle insurance claim

In any case, if your vehicles Damages arise when driving without a valid licence of India or You hold a learner’s licence and were driving without a valid driving licence-holder in the front passenger seat then you cant able claim policy
Vehicles Damages that happen when the car policy is not active: if your car insurance fail and if Any damage happens which is not a direct result of the accident (e.g. after an accident, if the damaged car is driven incorrectly and the engine gets damaged, it will not be covered)
Regular wear and tear

Any contributory negligence(e.g. damage due to driving a car in a flood, which is not recommended as per the manufacturer’s driving manual, will not be covered)

A regular servicing expense like in Some situations are covered in add-ons. If you haven’t bought those add-ons, the corresponding situations will not be covered.